The skills at a glance

Your character has 17 (currently 7 in-game) skills that can be upgraded. 
Each skill has 100 levels, each of which offers a choice of several unique
You can only choose one perk for each skill level, allowing you to create a unique build for your play style. 
Skills are stored in the character's profile and are NOT RESET upon death, making upgrading a complex and lengthy process. 
When you create a new character, you can use 30 skill points to create a skill set of your choice at the start.
To open the skill menu in the game - press the "O" key.

 — Details —


Immunity is responsible for the body recognising and fighting diseases, viruses and infections. It develops over time after successful treatment of various diseases.


Influenza resistance, poisoning resistance, zombie virus resistance, sepsis resistance, low pain threshold, intoxication resistance, shock resistance, cut resistance, hematoma healing, wound healing, shock resistance, shock recovery, fast sleep, iron spirit, warm feet.


Skills in the field of medical care. They enable the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of varying severity. Skill enhancement is done through direct medical assistance to oneself or other survivors.


Pill recognition, ampoule recognition, injector recognition, stab wound surgery, gunshot wound surgery, internal surgery, tool ownership, cleanliness and sterility, sensitisation, survey, medication stock, pathologist


The Athletics Skill enables you to run long distances, lose less endurance and hold your breath longer. Train by jogging regularly.


Fast legs, Breathing right, Swimmer, Resting on the waves, Rapid climbing, Rising like a parade, Big lungs, Roadside picnic, Downhill, Endless run, Shortness of breath


Strength enables you to carry more weight and deliver stronger hits with melee weapons. Trained through regular physical activity and the use of melee weapons.


Heavyweight, Powerhouse, Honker, Master of Defence, Quick Strike Speed, The Power of Quick Strikes, High Strike Speed, The Power of Heavy Strikes, Master Strike, Strong Arms


With the Stealth skill you can make yourself invisible to the infected and make less noise when you move. To train the skill, try to move quietly and not be seen by the infected.


Cold-Blooded, Dexterous Fingers, Matching Equipment, Dead or Alive, Feline Vision, Quiet Steps, Stealth Killing, Stealth Killing, Trojan Horse


With this skill you can get fire and food more easily in the wilderness.
Survival skills are a set of skills that help you survive in the wilderness. To train this skill, you need to find food in the wilderness, make fire and build temporary structures with the available resources.


Firemaking, Ancestral Technologies, Rough Hands, Rough Feet, Tool Use, Digging Items, Firemaking, Cold Resistance, Survivor's Starter Kit, Berry Detection, Mushroom Detection.


With the skill "Hunting" you can track wild animals more effectively, cannibalise their carcasses and set traps. To train this skill, you have to kill animals and cannibalise their carcasses.


Slaughter, Skinning, Slaughter Speed, Skilled Hands, Set Traps, Use Bait, Pathfinder

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