Terms for Donations

Project SCRUP welcomes donations to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of the server. These donation funds are exclusively used for infrastructure and operational expenses to maintain the quality and availability of the server. 

General Donation Opportunity

Donations are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. They support the continuous improvement and upkeep of our server.

Use of Donation Funds

All donations are unequivocally used for the maintenance of the server and related expenses. We commit to not using these funds for any other purposes.

No In-Game Advantages

It is important to note that donations to Project SCRUP do not grant any in-game advantages or privileges. Every player has the same chances and access conditions to the game, irrespective of donations. 

No Additional Benefits

In addition to in-game advantages, donations are not employed to include donors in the Priority List or similar privileged positions. 

No Refunds

All donations to Project SCRUP are final and non-refundable. We recommend ensuring that all transactions align with your financial capabilities before donating. 

How to Donate

You can donate only via PayPal.

Thank YOU!

We sincerely thank you for your support and dedication to Project SCRUP. Your donations significantly contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of our server.


The personal information of donors is treated with confidentiality and not shared with third parties.

Questions and Contact

For inquiries or concerns regarding your donation or these guidelines, we are at your service. You can reach us on Discord.

Additional Notes

This guideline is binding and may be subject to updates as needed. Please review them regularly for changes. 
Date: 2023/10/20