§1 Manners

1.1 Respectful behavior 

 We expect all players to behave in a respectful and friendly manner towards others, both in game chat and via voice communication. 

1.2 Bullying and Harassment

Any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination against other players will not be tolerated. Every player has the right to have a pleasant and safe gaming experience. 

1.3 Insults

Avoid offensive, racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate language in game chat or communication with other players.

§2 Gameplay

2.1 PVP

Players are allowed to attack and fight each other. It is the players' responsibility to protect their equipment and defend themselves against other players.

2.2 KOS (Kill on Sight)

Players may attack other players without first experiencing a direct threat. However, be prepared for other players to do the same.

2.3 Base Riding

Players may attack other players' bases around the clock to steal their supplies or vehicles. However, wanton destruction of structures is prohibited - a raid does not have to destroy the entire existence of other players.

2.4 Base-Building

One foundation building of maximum 4 by 4 ground building slabs with a total of three floors is allowed per territory. A roof terrace or similar is also counted as a 3rd floor here. Enclosures may contain a maximum of 10 by 10 walls/fences. Bases must generally be built so that they make sense.

§3 Violations and consequences

3.1 Cheats & Exploits

The use of cheats, hacks or exploits will result in permanent exclusion from the server. We want to ensure a fair and equal gaming experience for everyone.

3.2 Combat Logging

Players are not allowed to log out of the game to avoid confrontation or combat. Leaving the game while a fight is in progress is not allowed.

3.3 Cosequences

In case of rule violations, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, including temporary or permanent banishment of players.

3.4 Unauthorized Basebuilding

If a player builds more than allowed in an area, the entire building or building complex will be removed from the game. In this case, there is no replacement for lost resources.